What do you typically understand about sustainable irrigation? Well, it is the practice of meeting current survival and welfare needs without putting the future generations at risk. According to a study by The European Space Agency, it is estimated that nearly 70% of freshwater is consumed by the irrigation industry. In the upcoming years, use of uncontrolled water can interrupt the water supply to a great extent.

Let’s Take a Step Toward Understanding Sustainable Irrigation Practices

Appropriate irrigation plays a pivotal role in taking care of the needs of a growing global population. However, scarcity of water due to its overuse can potentially pave the way for a lot of serious concerns. That’s where the importance of sustainable irrigation swoops in.

In this blog, we will walk you through the understanding and significance of sustainable irrigation. Alongside, we will also mention some sustainable irrigation methods so that you can implement them in your irrigation line and other irrigation practices.

What Is the Importance of Sustainable Irrigation?

As mentioned earlier, almost 70% of the water is consumed by global agricultural activities. Poor irrigation channels, practices as well as water evaporation leads to water wastage, and that’s a serious threat to the future. As we already know, an increase in human population automatically boosts the need for agricultural farm produce. However, some individuals often adhere to some irrigation practices where water ends up as runoff, gets lost in transit or evaporated!

Addressing the loss of water on an annual basis is quite mandatory- it needs to be used efficiently without paving the way for water wastage. All thanks to the advent of sustainable irrigation, combating the problem is now highly possible. ‘Sustainable irrigation is necessary and achievable, but direct costs and environmental impacts can be substantial’- you can read this research paper to delve deeper into facts and figures.

Now, we will explore the different sustainable irrigation methods at a quick glance. Check them out.

What Are the Different Sustainable Irrigation Methods?

Below, we have outlined two pointers for you to check them out:

● Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is one of the most sustainable methods to rely on. It’s a game changing set-up that involves the use of irrigation equipment such as tubes and pumps- as a result, efficient use of water is guaranteed. In this process, the tubes well-equipped with holes use the right quantity of water and spray it on the irrigation land. Are you considering adapting this particular irrigation practice? If that’s the case, we will help you ace.

● Sprinkler Irrigation

By installing a sprinkler irrigation system, you get the opportunity to control and direct the water wherever required. As a result, preventing water wastage becomes as smooth as a cakewalk. With proper upkeep and maintenance, you will be able to ensure a healthy landscape.

What Factors Should You Consider While Choosing an Irrigation System?

Now, choosing a reliable and sustainable irrigation system depends on quite a few factors. Scheme through the pointers mentioned below:

  • The crop type
  • Installation cost
  • The availability and cost of fuel
  • The shape and acreage of the farm
  • Labor intensity
  • Type of technology
  • Water sources

Whether you are looking for irrigation heads or assistance with installing an irrigation system, ensure to reach out to us for the best results.

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