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Circle K Irrigation can install an irrigation system for your property that will last for many years to come. If you are a farmer, vineyard owner, etc. who is operating in Stephenville, TX; De Leon, TX; we are the team to call. Installing a new irrigation system to your existing property will help you to more efficiently grow grass, your crops, your vineyards, and more, and it can also help you get more control over the watering process. After the installation, our experts would be happy to talk with you about maintenance work you can do year-round to prevent needing repairs and ensure your system is performing to its maximum potential. For high-quality irrigation installation services, call the professionals at Circle K Irrigation today!

K-Line Irrigation System

K-Line is the simplest irrigation solution on the market and can be designed to fit any field. K-Line is designed to fit each specific application site – not the site to the system. If “problem areas” within a field exist that need specific irrigation rates, K-Line can easily flex to those needs. Unlike other systems which are incapable of variable rate application, K-Line can be manipulated to apply more or less water (and fertilizer), even to very small areas within a field.

K-Line G-Set Irrigation System

G-set is a solid set irrigation system that requires no moving. It is automated to run on a specific schedule which can be quickly and easily adjusted via remote control. Each G-set pod has its own automatic valve and controller which allows for individual control of each sprinkler. This is an outstanding feature when irrigating undulating ground, differing soil types, and/or multiple crops with varying water requirements. If your goal is to reduce labor and have a highly efficient irrigation system, then G-set may be right for you.

K-Line Irrigation Systems: Everything You Need to Know

K-Line Irrigation Systems are a popular type of mobile irrigation system used by farmers around the world. They use a series of pods connected by a flexible hose, which contain sprinklers that can be easily moved around your farm. In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about K-Line Irrigation Systems.

How K-Line Irrigation Systems Work

K-Line Irrigation Systems are designed to be easy to use and require less labor than other irrigation systems. Here’s how they work:

Benefits of K-Line Irrigation Systems

There are many benefits to using K-Line Irrigation Systems, including:

How to Install a K-Line Irrigation System

Installing a K-Line Irrigation System is relatively easy. Here are the basic steps:

Step 1: Determine Your Water Source

Before you can install a K-Line Irrigation System, you need to determine your water source. This could be a well, a reservoir, or a municipal water source.

Step 2: Design Your System

Once you know your water source, you can design your K-Line Irrigation System. You’ll need to determine the number of pods you need, the length of hose you need, and the spacing of the pods.

Step 3: Install the Pods

Once you have your system designed, you can install the pods. The pods should be spaced evenly apart and connected by the flexible hose.

Step 4: Connect the Water Source

Next, you’ll need to connect your water source to the hose. This can be done using a pump or by connecting the hose directly to your water source.

Step 5: Adjust the Sprinklers

Finally, you’ll need to adjust the sprinklers in the pods to ensure that they’re delivering the right amount of water to your crops.


Proper Irrigation Installation Done By Professionals

Depending on the size or scope of your property, the time it will take to install an irrigation system will vary. Our trained team is ready to help you with your irrigation installation project, big or small. We will respect your property and your time. If you’re interested in learning more about our installation services, please give us a call today.

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